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On to the GeneraL

Vote on Tues. Nov. 6th

On Wed. September 12th, our candidate, Roberto Moreno, our amazing team of volunteers, and the energized voters of Pawtucket, turned-out in the pouring rain, and secured Roberto's place on the ballot for the general election, this Tues. Nov. 6th.

In the weeks since, Roberto has been hard-at-work in the community, meeting and listening to residents, growing his expertise on the issues most salient to our Schools, and campaigning for fellow Democrats up and down the ticket.

On this Tues., Nov. 6th we ask that you consider the candidates who will continue to fight for our progressive values at the municipal, state, and federal level. That you vote for the candidates who most accurately reflect your morals, values, and vision for our schools, our city, our state.

We ask that you ensure your friends and family are voting, and have all the necessary tools to do so. Ensure you know your polling place. If you can, look at a sample ballot. Know your rights as a voter in RI. Have a plan to vote, and before reaching the booth, decide who you are voting for.

Visit the Secretary of State’s website for official voting information. Go to to build a sample ballot and see your official’s positions side-by-side. Visit our platform page to learn more about Roberto's vision for Pawtucket Public Schools, and overall values of progressive Democrats like him.

Things are changing in RI, and it starts at the most local of levels. It starts with our children's education, it starts with you. Vote for Roberto H. Moreno for Pawtucket School Committee, this Tues., Nov. 6th!



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